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Review Criteria

Evaluation standards for NASA Postdoctoral Program applications

Reviewers will assess the quality of an application, the likelihood for success, and the contribution of the research to NASA’s mission. Postdoctoral applicants are evaluated on the basis of demonstrated ability as a student and on their potential for making contributions as an independent scientist.

Criteria are as follows:

  • Scientific merit of proposed research (40%)
  • References (20%)
  • Academic and research record (20%)
  • Laboratory/Center review (20%)

Additional criteria for applications associated with the NASA Astrobiology Institute (NAI):

Priority for selection will be given to applicants whose proposed research is particularly interdisciplinary and/or innovative. Research involving two or more NAI teams will also be given priority for selection, as will research that broadens the activities of the NAI team(s) involved. Proposals for research that incrementally extend an ongoing NAI team project will be given lower selection priority. Learn more at the NASA Astrobiology Institute.